Uh oh. I found my blog again…

Holy crap, it’s been a few years!

Last I remember, I was moving everything over to Blogger because I had a Google account, and I eventually planned to delete this blog. But I have the name already… and there are different people out here… and I just ran across a post on WEBS to a blog I chose to follow…

So here I am again.

A LOT has changed since I last logged on:

  • We moved out to the country with my boyfriend.
  • I graduated with an Associate Degree in Networking Technology.
  • I gave myself a present the day I graduated. I skipped dinner with Dad to adopt my baby boy black cat (ok, he was seven years old then!), JoCo.
  • Two months later, after being told I couldn’t have two cats, Bella showed up in the yard at approximately eight weeks old. We took her in, I paid all the medical bills, and she is mine, too.
  • I left a job I loved of 9-1/2 years to move forward. I love my new job, and it has afforded me a new home!
  • We moved back to Raleigh – minus my boyfriend. He loves the country (where, ironically, some of my family is from), but it ain’t for me, and we respect each others’ feelings. I think we are both happier, and we do continue to see each other exclusively. I needed to be back in the “city” (I use this term loosely; I am not in New York, nor do I ever desire to be!) to thrive and overcome quite a bit of depression. I am now happier than I have been in years. For the first time ever, I feel like I can let go of calling myself a pessimist (though I still tend to think negatively at times!). I’m “home” now – in more ways than one. I love the convenience (of my LYS!), and I feel like I’ve been in my home forever. I LOVE being home now!

Will I be writing out here all the time? No. Am I going to keep this blog and my Blogger synced? Who knows? I need to overcome my OCD at some point, and I think I’ll leave it to my knitting.

Oh, I have so many projects I haven’t posted about. Maybe now I’ll TRY to post them. We’ll see…

If not, I’ll just follow people out here instead!

Happy knitting – and enjoy life!

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Enough is Enough: Cleaning is for the Birds!

So I’ve gone through all my posts, deleted the posts that will be duplicated (eventually), and I’ve weeded through the posts I wish to keep that contain duplicate material for several projects in one post.

I believe I am ready to start copying Ravelry project files over to my blog now. Maybe I’ll start copying some of those over today – when I’m not physically cleaning the house (and washing/drying the never-ending laundry loads) or… you guessed it – KNITTING! =)

Just a quick note: Yes, I’m OCD about organization, but no, I’m going to start pulling projects left and right in no particular order, so don’t expect my projects to be in chronological order as I knitted them here. Once I get the backlog taken care of, I’ll do a better job of posting as I knit!

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Updating My Blog… And My Life

Being the OCD computer geek that I am, let me just say my blog is driving me crazy. I started this blog as a means for my non-knitting friends who obviously don’t have access to to not only see what I accomplish in my spare time, but to read my updates since I won’t gab on Facebook about my projects.

However, I’m finding that my site is feeling a bit junky. Eeww. I have to fix that – pronto!

First step: I just updated my theme; I need a new look and feel, and chocolate brown definitely screams “me!”

Next step: Organization. For realz.

I’m going to go back through all my posts and most likely delete all of the posts that have to do with projects I’ve worked on. My projects are organized on Ravelry with a project name, so I am going to start using my blog post titles as my Ravelry project name. I will then update everything regarding one project in its specific blog project file here by copying what I enter in Ravelry to my blog (because I COULD keep my notes there short and to the point and elaborate here – that was my original intention – but that elaboration might just sway a fellow knitter in the right direction when she/he is deciding whether or not to do that particular project with that particular yarn in that particular size, etc. etc.). I will post all of the photos regarding one project in its blog as well. I don’t know if this will be worth it in the long run; it’s not as if I’m some internet sensation with a lot of followers, but I think it will work better for the few of you who are so wonderful as to take time to read my crazy ramblings and me as a writer when trying to focus on one project instead of my writing about two that I might have worked on in one day in the same post and having several posts regarding one project.

Meanwhile, I’ll occasionally post the randomness that spews out of my mind and onto the computer screen when I feel like it.

We’ll see. I’m open to feedback once I get this done. Will it be done today? Probably not. By next week? Possibly. I’m not promising anything, and I’m not going to put myself on a time table. Just know that change is coming! I’m in the process of (possibly) moving, and I’m taking it really slow, but I am much overdue at a change of pace. Some of my routines in life are getting rather dull and dragging me down. I hate to say it, but I am pessimistic enough, and I need to remove negativity from my every day life. That means little things: stop trying to please my Dad when I have not and will not always be able to do so, get rid of clutter and THINGS that are starting to make me claustrophobic (my God, why do I always use shopping for clothes/shoes/purses as my medicine?), get rid of those pictures in my office of those who used to care about me but don’t care as much anymore (I miss their smiles in my almost-daily life, but we still keep in touch on Facebook and see each other every now and then when I decide to crawl out of my hermit crab shell), and overall, get a positive perspective on life again (if I ever had one to begin with). I’m hoping a move to the country (something that is much opposed by my Dad) will help me slow down, and while right now it is causing me the occasional half-assed anxiety attack (thank God I haven’t had any full-blown attacks yet!) when I realize I am “so far away” from civilization, I am hoping that it, too, like knitting, will help relax me both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Out of the Blog-o-Sphere

It’s not like I think many people follow me, but I will offer up an explanation for my readers regarding my absence from my little space in the blog-o-sphere.

I jumped straight from the spring session of school to the summer session of two core networking classes crammed full of material that should be covered in 16 weeks rather than 10 weeks. So I’ve been tied up with a lot of homework. And frankly, when I’m not working, doing homework, hanging out with my son and boyfriend, or trying to escape reality with a book I want to read (as opposed to the big blue dictionaries I HAVE to read for school), I’d rather knit that write about knitting. =)

Especially when those wonderful hands/wrists of mine are acting up… and they’ve been doing so again for several days now as I write.

Enough said, right?

So I had an idea that I knocked around in my head a little bit this morning, and I think I’m comfortable with it so I can get back into this blogging game. Hey, when I want to blog, I’ll blog. I still love to write; I just haven’t wanted to take time out to do so.

Since I already do a lot of copying and pasting from Ravelry anyway, I’m going to start updating my knitting blogs here like I update my project posts there. For instance, if I’m working on one project, I will now keep ONE blog post for said project. Ravelry only has one notes section for each project, and that’s where I go everyday to update my progress (with the date). I’ll just add a date field to the titles of my future posts here and update that date when I edit the post. I was creating a separate post here for every entry I made into Ravelry on a daily basis, so it’s a wonder everything related to a particular project can be found. And then there are the times I was working on two or three projects – all the posts are scattered and intermingled so that my readers may not find every post pertaining to a project.

In other random news:

  • My boyfriend is planning to move (the plan is to eventually join him).
  • Work is crazy busy and tainted with layoffs, so I have genuinely been a bit depressed and upset for those I’ve worked with for a long time and will miss dearly.
  • My son is going to camp now as he prepares to start his LAST year of elementary school in the fall!
  • If I can get through these next 4 weeks with passing grades, I am only required to take one more class in the spring to get my degree (HELL-OOOOOOO 2 year degree in 5-1/2 years)!
  • I’d REALLY like to take a vacation and get the heck out of local dodge (make that two – one with the kid and one adults only), but sadly, I don’t see that happening any time soon (like it happens that often anyway). I’d really like those vacations even more if they take place in a really pretty and quiet place where I can knit (without pain)!

I can dream, can’t I? ;)

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Knitting, Typing, and My Painfully Moody Hands

I’ve been slack about keeping my blog updated, but I’ve been trying not to overwork my hands since they’ve been doing pretty well with only minor pain here and there. I’d rather make sure my Ravelry files are up to date since all of my notes there are by project.

Since the hands have been cooperating with me, I’ve been able to type and even knit a little more than I have been lately (but still nowhere near the amount I used to), so I’d rather do the knitting than the blogging. =) It bothers me sometimes when I realize that if I were in tip-top shape, I would have had this spring sweater done by now; hell, I’d probably be starting on a new project. But such is life. At least I can still work the needles, so I better not complain! I prefer to keep my pain minimal, though I can’t help but worry about pain seizing my hands in the future – and another possible knitting hiatus as a result.

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Putting My Knitting Gloves Back On

So I’m gloving up – time to put my knitting mitts back on and get back into the game, but I’ll be enjoying my favorite hobby (and hopefully any resulting pain) in MAJOR MODERATION.

I’m now finished with the body of my Garnet Grrrl Sweater and on to the first sleeve after taking it half a row/one row/two rows max at a time, though I am seriously wondering if it’s possible to pull out the top and bottom ribbing and redo it with smaller needles. The neck doesn’t look so bad, but I’m really not liking how loose the waistline looks. The only drawback (no pun intended) to re-knitting the rib at the waistline is that right now, the sweater drapes straight like I want it to. I do not want smaller stitches to draw the waistline in like an elastic band. Eh, my OCD is most likely kicking in; it really doesn’t look so bad, but I would probably make a few changes next go ’round.

I’ve added a new project to my Ravelry files: D’s Improv Garter Stitch Cardigan. I was going to try to sell the yarn (Cascade 220 Superwash) on Ravelry and buy something chunkier; I posted it for about a week, and then I yanked my ad and decided to suck it up. I’m still toying with the idea of doing this on my own or knitting the Greenfield Cardigan, of which the shoulders are way too wide, and I’ve been told by another knitter that the sweater does not meet in the center. Both of those features are deal breakers to me: a) I do NOT want a sweater that nags me; I have no patience and use for anything that I constantly have to pull and tug at – it’s just NOT comfortable, and therefore, not in my wardrobe and vocabulary, and b) I want to be able to pull the thing around me (and button it all the way down if I feel like it, albeit I never do that!) if I get cold. I’m not going to wear this basic piece just for looks; I want something functional. I stay cold in my office, and I want something that will keep me warm. I don’t button the store bought clearance cardigan I wear now 9 times out of 10, but it’s also a Junior’s XL (HUGE!), so I can wear it over long sleeve shirts, and I can pull it around me (almost twice!) when I”m cold. See my notes so far below. Other cardigan patterns I’ve found either look to boxy or granny, or they’re made with VERY thin yarn (even thinner than mine) and very form-fitting. Remember: I want to wear this over clothing – not over a specific shell or nothing at all.

Next up on the “agend-er” (Anyone catch my reference? HA HA HA!) is a spring/summer cap sleeve sweater in a cotton/acrylic blend, D’s Short Sleeve Raglan. I may actually bust into this before I worry with my cardigan. I added this to my projects on Ravelry as well; notes are posted below.

Yes, I’m getting lazy with my commentary on my blog – sorry! In my best variation of the lady who voices, “Save the clock tower! Save the clock tower!” in Back to the Future: SAVE MY POOR HANDS! SAVE MY POOR HANDS!

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It’s Been A While…

Eh, maybe it hasn’t been that long, but still… Typing and knitting – my former daily drill. I’ve been staying away from both as much as I can, with the exception of “gloving up” at work so I can type, and of course, homework HAS to be done as well. I haven’t been blogging. Hell, I don’t even stay on Facebook or Ravelry much right now.

I’m still feeling pain in my hands and fingers in random places, and my wrists still sting sometimes. I’m not ruling out carpal tunnel, but I wonder if I have a touch of something else since my fingers aren’t necessarily numb; they actually hurt. And so do both of my pinkies, of which carpal tunnel does not encompass. I invested in an ergonomic keyboard, the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, and I also invested in a trackball mouse, the Logitech M570. How funny that I used to balk over the ideas of these funky luxury electronic gadgets. Who needs them? Now I am an advocate. Go set up your work station – even if you have to do it at your own cost. Set up your desk at home as well. It’s worth it. It does help, even if it doesn’t totally alleviate the symptoms and pain right away. Yes, I want my pain to go away, but I’m more concerned with my son, who will probably see more use on a computer than even I have. I don’t want him going through what I’m going through now.

Ok, so back to knitting. I went eleven straight days with NO KNITTING whatsoever. As of Monday, I’ve been chancing it now with up to three rows at a time on a scarf or half a round or a whole round on my sweater – per day. That little bit done doesn’t get me anywhere in the short scheme of things, but it’s progress nonetheless, and I’m so close to finishing my scarf and the bottom of my Garnet Grrrl Sweater.

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